It’s a Too Faced Summer

To go along with the impromptu summer we’re experiencing, at least here in Chicago, Too Faced has released photos and information about its summer 2012 collection! I’m quite excited to try many of the new products which include a new shade of bronzer, an eyeshadow palette, and a new mascara, to name a few. The collection can be seen not only as a fun addition to the Too Faced line but also as a testament to how well the brand listens to its customers.

Among the new releases is a primer that is now available in an oil-free formula for those with sensitive and/or acne prone skin. Too Faced’s famous Chocolate Soleil bronzer is now available in a lighter shade for those of us with fair skin. It is infused with cocoa powder and smells divine, and it has a matte finish so it’s perfect for contouring as well as all over bronzing. I tend to use the original bronzer with a stippling brush and a light hand, just to add warmth to my cheeks and along my hair-line. I can’t wait until the new product appears in stores so I can have a swatch fest; I have a feeling it will look more natural than its predecessor.

Also in this collection is a brand new eye palette, another product that Too Faced has become known for. They have already released many such palettes including a Smokey Eye, Naked Eye, Romantic Eye, Natural Eye, Matte Eye and a Natural at Night Eye, and now this season we can welcome the Summer Eye palette. From the photos I’ve seen it looks like the perfect way to integrate the spring/summer color trends into your makeup look. There is a clever mix of bright but wearable shades and soft neutrals, so it’s perfect for travel to toss in your bag and not have to worry about individual colors.

Another item I cannot wait to try is the Candlelight Glow highlighting powder duo. It comes with a golden highlight as well as a light pink shade that can double as a blush and highlight to dust along your cheekbones for a luminous finish. There is also a Coconut Oil Body Bronzer, which isn’t my particular fancy but it does look pretty in the bottle. It might be more suitable for those will medium skin tones.

To round out the collection Too Faced has created yet another mascara to wet our appetite, and this one claims to give the effect of false lashes without the hefty price tag. Now the mascara is $35 which is no walk in the park, but I suppose that compared to a pair of extensions which on average costs $150- $300 for four weeks of wear it’s relatively inexpensive. It’s a system that comes with both a primer and mascara and it provides instructions on how to achieve dramatic and flirty lashes.

Interested in any of these items? I know I am! The collection will be available shortly in Sephora stores, at and


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