Adoration of and infatuation with beauty is no new concept. What is new for us, thankfully, is a web-based community that allows women from around the world to give each other guidance, advice, encouragement and suggestions. I am thrilled to now participate in such a community, and would like to offer readers my opinions on all things beauty. I am not a couturier, a cosmetologist, or a fashion merchandising major. I’m a 5’2” twenty-something brunette who has an appreciation for glamour and style.

I work in communications and write a lot of copy, and have an unhealthy appetite for fashion and cosmetics. I believe that while we are immersed in modernity, there is no reason to discount the hard work of women before us to incorporate glamour, femininity and poise into the every day. This inspiration may just be your ticket to escape monotony.  So throw on a new shade of lipstick, wing your eyeliner and go.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Love it, Lauren! Will you recommend an eye liner? My liner always drops to the outer eye by the end of the day. What are tips to help eye liner stay put? What brand(s) do you recommend? What liner color is best for your eye color?

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Maybelline and Revlon make my favorite eyeliners, and they’re inexpensive. Since you have light hair and light eyes, I’d recommend using a soft brown. Brown is less harsh than black so it will really enhance your features rather than distract from them. Time for a shopping trip!

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