MAC By Request

For those of us who love MAC, or even just particular products put out by the global brand, there’s a rare opportunity to bring back a select few discontinued products! Bobbi Brown did something similar in January of this year and it was extremely well-received and wildly successful.

Both campaigns use Facebook as a platform for this concept, allowing fans to vote on the products they’d most like to see come back for sale. MAC has chosen three categories of beauty products including lipglass, lipstick and eyeshadow. Fans can vote on the MAC Cosmetics Facebook page once per day until March 30th, so hop to it! The top 9 products will be back up for sale beginning this August, exclusively at

For color options to vote on, visit MAC Cosmetics on Facebook. I’ve been voting every day since March 12, and if you’re interested in any of these shades you should too! I’ve voted for Moth Brown eyeshadow, an absolutely gorgeous shade of brown with plum undertones that flatters every eye color. I’ve also voted for Emancipation lipglass, which I missed out on in the release of MAC’s Wonder Woman collection. It’s a neutral pink that can be worn on its own for a soft glossy lip, or layered over almost any color to tone down a look. To go along with the soft theme, I also voted for 3N lipstick. It’s a fantastic nude, especially for fair skin. It’s a mix of neutral and pastel pink tones that pair wonderfully with a more dramatic eye.

It’s great that MAC has finally listened to its consumers by offering up colors that they might have missed out on; I can only hope they continue doing this in the future with even more product options and shades to choose from.


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