Quick, Classic Nude Lip

It seems that no matter the season, the classic Brigette Bardot nude lip is in. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s definition of nude is different, and it depends on skin tone and personal preference.

I’m not a big fan of MAC’s Myth or the like that serve to entirely blank out your lips, making you resemble a corpse. Those type of lipsticks can be used to tone down deeper colors or manipulate shades, but worn alone they’re quite terrifying.

My idea of a nude lip is more of a neutral lip, and can be worn with any eye look be it smoky and dramatic or soft and natural. Most of the time I lean either true nude, peach, or pink.

When I’m rushing out the door on my way to work, I rarely have time for the 3-step liner, lipstick and lip gloss routine. Lately, I’ve been just using a lipstick and gloss and my lips are still nicely defined.

I use Maybelline’s “Afternoon Tea” and Revlon’s “Peach Petal” to create a quick and pretty pout. I love the smell of Maybelline’s lipsticks, and I don’t quite know why. It’s not offensive or strong, though, if you have an aversion to cosmetic smells.

Afternoon Tea is a pretty, slightly rosy, neutral shade. The shape of Maybelline lipsticks makes it almost so you don’t need a liner, as the product comes to a rather sharp point. It allows you to glide over your lips with a clean line. The formula is creamy and smooth.

To lighten the color just a tad and add some shine, I use Revlon’s Peach Petal lip gloss. I’ve talked about Peach Petal and Revlon’s Super Lustrous glosses before and I’m still in love them with to this day. Wait until they’re on sale and snatch one up in every color if you haven’t already.

Give these two products a try and let me know what you think. Remember, if you don’t like either color, have a little swatch fest until you find what works for you.



Back to Basics: Lip gloss

My recent obsession is going to sound like no big deal. And really, it’s not. It’s been around forever and you can find it anywhere from the drugstore to Bergdorf Goodman. It ranges in packaging, finish, color and price. Of course what I’m describing can be almost anything, but I happen to be alluding to lip gloss.

I used to be, and still sometimes am, a believer in the multi-step lip combination with your standard liner, lipstick and gloss. If I’m feeling particularly adventurous I’ll even highlight my cupid’s bow to give the appearance of fuller lips. This can be done by blending in a light shade of highlight or eyeshadow with some reflective properties, usually of golden or white tone. Along that same line, a light eyeshadow can also be dotted on the center of your lower lip, giving your lips a pouty Playboy look.

Back to my original topic. When we were experiencing our summer preview a few weeks ago, I was spending some time outside. I didn’t take Mother Nature too seriously and ended up with sunburned lips. Ouch. So I decided to forgo lip liner for a few days, but there was no way I was walking around with no lip product at all. So I thought, how about just a simple gloss? It’ll provide some color, shine and moisture. That it did.

My lip gloss of choice lately has been from Revlon, and it’s a Super Lustrous gloss in “Pink Whisper.” I also have “Peach Petal” which is a fantastic milky nude that pairs perfectly with a smoky eye or can be used to tone down a bold color. At first I was wearing only gloss in order to give my lips time to heal (never neglect your SPF!) but I soon noticed that my lips appeared just as full as they did with liner and lipstick, but more youthful and fresh. Not to mention it cut down on my time getting ready in the morning. Hallelujah.

You can wear any gloss from any brand you like; my current favorite is Super Lustrous by Revlon because of its smooth application, creamy consistency, easy accessibility and affordability. It’s around $6 or $7 depending on where you purchase it, and there are almost always Revlon coupons that’ll allow you to snap it up cheaper. The packaging is sleek, portable and easy to use. The gloss is 0.2grams and has an SPF of 15. Lesson learned.

Some other products of note are Tendertones by MAC. These are fantastic little pots of lip balm that are quite moisturizing while giving your lips a hint of color and tons of shine. They are unfortunately discontinued; they were recently re-promoted though in MAC’s Shop Cook collection. Sometimes you can be lucky enough to spot one or two at a CCO, and if you do I suggest you partake. They also have an SPF of 12 and smell like strawberry kiwi. From the drugstore we have Maybelline’s new Baby Lips line. I find these to be very moisturizing, much more so than Revlon’s new lip butters. Baby Lips are offered in fewer shades, but do the job much better. They’re basically a chap stick with a bit of color, and they are more hydrating. They contain SPF 20. Watch out for those coupons and give them a try!


MAC Tres Cheek Collection

If you’re in the market for the perfect blush, MAC’s upcoming Tres Cheek collection is for you. Tres Cheek features blush and blush alone, bringing us six new and limited edition shades:

  • Pink Tea- neutral beige pink (satin finish)
  • Loveclowd- bright mid-tone pink (satin finish)
  • Peony Petal- bight blue-based pink (satin finish)
  • Modern Mandarin-reddish orange (satin finish)
  • Immortal Flower- bright peach (satin finish)
  • Full of Joy- lavender (frost finish)

The Tres Cheek collection will be available at MAC stores, Nordstrom and select Macy’s stores this April. Which of these tickle your fancy?