The Helpers

As someone who spent her undergraduate years on the East Coast, and left many friends behind there, the tragic events in Boston today were close to my heart. Bean Town is home to some of my best friends, and it’s a beautiful, proud city. It’s also quite small, so when news broke that there were explosions, it’s hard not to think of everyone you know there and where they are at that very moment.

One of my closest friends in Boston was one of the biggest proponents of this blog. She was not only supportive of me starting it, but getting back to it, which I’m doing now. I’d like to dedicate this post to her, in hopes that it can give her a smile today. Thank G-d she is OK. Thank G-d they’re all OK.

Not only was Lisanne there for me during all four years of college, but it continued after graduation although we’re now states apart. She is the first to ask me for my thoughts on products, lines and collections. She values my opinions and I hers. While some people may think certain subject matter here is superficial, this blog can hopefully provide some sort of escape when the world around us tries to rob us of our faith. Read a little, laugh a little, and maybe learn something new.

Amidst the sadness of today, let’s all try to remember the things that make us smile. For me today it wasn’t a lipstick, a blush or a blouse. It was knowing that my friends were safe.

Look for the Helpers


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