MAC Fix+

There are products that are nice-to-haves, and those that are need-to-haves. Products that fall under the category of cosmetics are necessities in my opinion, but I’m admittedly a junkie. That being said, even I have my limits. These usually fall within the realm of setting sprays and the like; I just find them unnecessary. This was the reason I usually breezed right by MAC’s Fix+.

When I was giving into temptation and purchasing from yet another MAC collection some months ago (they release two per month…excessive??) I spritzed some Fix+ on my skin just as a refresher, not thinking much of it. After the spray set in, my skin felt better. Not only that, but it looked better. It revitalized my skin and gave it a natural, dewy appearance. A bottle came home with me that day. 

I’ve been using it every day after my makeup is complete. I don’t see it as a setting spray; it doesn’t really prolong the wear of my foundation. I have primer for that. I use it as a last step to make sure everything is blended and the appearance is natural. It’s a great tool if you happen to get a little heavy-handed with your blush or bronzer, causing your face to look loaded with power. Fix+ works as a diffuser and softens up your look. I keep a travel size bottle (only available at MAC Pro stores, not at your local department store counters) in my makeup bag at all times, and it proves especially useful in the hot summer months when you need a little pick-me-up.

There are many other uses for Fix+ if you’re trying to justify the price, which is $20 for a 3.4 oz bottle. It’s not bad considering how long it lasts and what it will do for your skin. It is unlike any other product and a simple spray bottle of water will not do the same thing, trust me. A travel-size bottle is $10 and will get you 1.0 oz of product. You can use Fix+ as a mixing medium for foiling eyeshadows to give you a metallic effect, you can use it to turn powder eyeshadow into an eyeliner, and you can use it with loose pigments to make them appear more vibrant on your eyelids. You can also spray it on your hair to tame flyaways and it works surprisingly well.

I’d recommend at least trying Fix+ when you’re browsing your cosmetic counters to see how it feels on your skin and what a lovely appearance it gives. It’s a solid product to have in your arsenal that can turn out to be a life-saver, more than once.


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