Magnetic Nail Polish

I’ve been curious about the magnetic nail polish craze for a while but never bit the bullet until now. The effect is unlike anything else on the market and it’s definitely a conversation piece. I picked up a Nails Inc. polish in “Whitehall” which is a creamy teal. The polish on its own looks fantastic. It’s quite creamy and goes on like a dream, opaque in one coat. It leaves a fantastic shine on the nails without any top coat, but I almost always use one for good measure.

To get the design on your nails, you simply turn the cap over and place the lip on your cuticle allowing the magnet to do its work. Hold it over your finger, being careful not to touch it to your nail, for 10-15 seconds. You’re left with the interesting design that you can see in the photo. It’s almost a chevron print, but the lines aren’t as sharp. I actually like it for something different to wear on occasion, but I don’t see this being my every day nail polish. If you want to tone it down, you can use the magnet for effect on just your ring finger. This can be your accent nail while you paint the rest with just the color.

In terms of wear, the polish on its own isn’t so good. I applied it without a base or top coat to test out the true longevity of the formula. It was chipping by the next morning. I would strongly suggest applying both a base and top coat to seal the polish.

Nails Inc. originated in the UK but has made its way to the US via Sephora. The brand features a wide array of shades in a regular formula, and five in the magnetic series. There is a deep purple, grey, berry and brown along with the teal color that I bought. They all look beautiful, but at $16 each I might consider trying one of the brands that are imitating this polish.

What do you think of the effect?


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