Summer on the Nails- Van D’Go

My nail color of choice for the last few days (which says something about wear, no chips yet) has been Essie’s Van D’Go. It’s a gorgeous, creamy shade of coral that looks stunning on medium skin tones, but it’s not terribly offensive on my fair skin.

Depending on the light, the color can lean more orange or more pink, but the important factor here is that it looks beautiful no matter what light you happen to find yourself in. The formula can apply a bit streaky, not unlike another favorite of mine by Essie: Fiji. This can be remedied either with some patience and repeated application, or my preference which is applying a matte base coat like Essie’s Fill the Gap. This polish provides a smooth canvas for any nail color to go over. It’s fantastic for reds and darker shades because it prevents any staining of the nail bed, and it’s perfect for pale pastels that may be streaky because it’s a strong base that holds onto color.

Van D’Go immediately inspires thoughts of spring and summer, and it adds a lovely and unexpected pop of color to any ensemble. I’m wearing it today with grey, if you can imagine. If you’re looking for a more wearable, softer shade of orange, this may be the one for you. I usually recommend starting off with more of a coral like Van D’Go before making the jump to a true shade of orange, but if you’re ready take the plunge!

Van D’Go premiered with Essie’s Spring 2010 collection, but I believe it is now a permanent shade as I have seen it at Ulta. Essie is also now carried at Target and Walmart if you’d like to peruse the nail polish section. Go out and have a look if you’re interested, and don’t forget your Ulta coupon for $3.50 off a $10.00 purchase this week.

Happy shopping!


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