Trend Lightly

For spring and summer 2012, we’re seeing shades of neon and pastel everywhere. What’s interesting is that the two color schemes aren’t segregated, but paired together creating bold contrasts. I’ve seen neon yellow, blue and pink in everything from t-shirts to bangles to pumps. Pastels are a favorite of mine all year-long, but I honestly never thought of bringing a neon element into the equation.

From the pastel palette, mint green has emerged as a huge staple for spring. Soft, romantic tops and creamy nail polishes are everywhere in this shade, and I’ve already purchased some for my collection. Revlon, Essie and China Glaze all do beautiful shades of this green.

The important thing to remember is to wear what is comfortable (aesthetically speaking) for you. If you’re not all that into wearing bright pink skinny jeans, maybe go with a black pair and find a bright pink shift dress. Or a blue one. Or whatever catches your eye. You get the idea. Use trends for inspiration, not for direction. Just because something is mandated by the runway doesn’t mean you’re confined to only those options for a season. Find ways to incorporate trends, the ones that you like, into your look in ways you’re comfortable with. Maybe wear pastels on your nails, or pick up a pair of earrings. If you’re more daring with your makeup, wear a bright pink lip with fresh looking skin and a swipe of mascara.

The point is, you can walk around as trendy as can be, but if you’re uncomfortable in your own skin it will stand out more than that highlighter yellow halter top. We have so many looks to choose from, and there is always room to integrate your own style into an ensemble. Be careful not to lose yourself in your own closet.

That being said, flip through some magazines or do some people watching if you’ve found yourself in a wardrobe rut. You never know what you might come up with.


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