Beauty Tip: Blush

We’re usually taught, at least I was, to apply blush directly on the apples of our cheeks. I constantly see women smiling while they put on blush. While there is nothing wrong with this technique, especially if you’re in your younger years, I’d like to remind you of another way to get that natural flush.

Blush is a staple in any woman’s cosmetic wardrobe, and it’s really up to you whether you prefer cream, powder or a liquid/stain. Some women are drawn to the natural look of cream blushes, as they are easy to blend and leave the cheeks with a dewy finish. Powder blushes are the most common and arguably fastest to apply, and the shade range across brands is endless. Liquids/stains can give you that pinched cheek and just bitten lip look à la Snow White, and their staying power is unbeatable.

No matter what texture you choose, next time you’re applying blush to perk up your complexion, try placing it where you would place your highlight, so right on the cheek bone. Applying blush a bit higher than you are naturally inclined to do will instantly lift your face and make you look fresh and awake. When you smile, the apples of your cheeks are lifted. As soon as you stop smiling your face drops, and your blush drops with it making it lower on your face than you’d like.

Try this technique and see what you think. You may hate it, or you may love it. Once I gave it a shot I was hooked. And if you choose a blush with shimmer in it, you don’t need to worry about a highlight. If you have problematic skin I’d stick with a matte blush as any shimmer will draw attention to things you’d rather ignore. While you’re applying the blush higher on your cheek bone, be careful not to take the color too far in towards your nose. It should stop below the center of your eye.

Happy blushing!


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