Legacy 1912 Titanic Fragrance

When James Cameron’s Titanic was originally released, I was 12. I saw it almost that many times in theatres. I wish I could say that my obsession with the film has waned, but that’s just not the case. On the contrary, it has only increased especially with the announcement that it will be back in theatres in 3D next month.

I’m thinking (and not-so-secretly hoping) that merchandising efforts will be through the roof in conjunction with this release. When Titanic came out in 1997, there were really just imitation Heart of the Ocean necklaces (of which I had two,) a few books, and magazines galore. I was in awe of Kate Winslet, her alabaster complexion, her fiery red hair and of course her entire wardrobe in the film. And who isn’t a sucker for an ill-fated love affair?

Before you all run to see the movie again in theatres, you may want to check out QVC. The network is featuring Legacy 1912 Titanic Fragrance this month. What is so unique about this product is that it’s inspired by perfume oils developed by Adolphe Saalfeld, a chemist who was traveling on the Titanic in hopes of developing a new line of perfumes. He survived, but his 65 samples were lost. The samples were recovered from miles beneath the ocean, and amazingly still contained their original fragrance.

I haven’t had the chance to smell the perfume, but it contains notes of lemon, neroli, rose and amber. Sounds vintage to me! Now if only one of the cosmetics lines would design a Titanic collection…


One thought on “Legacy 1912 Titanic Fragrance

  1. Well you may have been 12 (now I feel real old), I was pregnant with my son Zachary when i saw that. I to am obsessed with that movie, never do I pass it up when it is on…..I can’t wait for the release in 3D!
    You in a way remind me of Miss Kate Winslet! Or should I even say Rose if you will!!!!!!

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