Review/Comparison: Correctors

Before really diving into the world of cosmetics, I had no idea that women needed “correctors.” I always thought a regular concealer did the trick and you could walk out of the house with confidence. I was mistaken.

An under eye corrector is a peach toned cream or liquid that is meant to neutralize any darkness one may have. Most under eye circles lean blue, and a peach corrector cancels out that discoloration, providing a smoother canvas for concealer to go over. It makes a massive difference in brightening your complexion and making you look fresh and awake.

I’ve come across two correctors that I recommend to people who may ask, one being only slightly more budget-friendly. The two products are quite similar in consistency and color, but one is more opaque and offers better coverage. This one is Bobbi Brown’s corrector in the color Bisque. Bobbi Brown, in my opinion, is second only to Laura Mercier in the creation of a flawless flace. Her foundations and concealers are fantastic, and this corrector is a major favorite of mine. It comes in a pot, and I use my ring finger to warm up the product and then pat it under my eye. I keep it just on the inner eye area to brighten it up. After it sets a minute I apply Bobbi Brown’s concealer in Ivory and I’m good to go. It sets to a demi matte finish which is great for covering any discoloration. Bobbi Brown’s corrector is sold for $22.00 for .05 oz of product.

The other corrector I have and recommend is by Pixi, which can be found at your local Target and at This product is almost identical to Bobbi Brown’s, except its finish is a bit more dewy. It blends well, neutralizes discoloration for the most part (you may need to layer it depending on your desired coverage,) and is slightly less expensive than the aforementioned corrector. I apply it the same way that I do the Bobbi Brown and am pleased with the results. Pixi’s Correction Concentrate sells for $15.00 for 0.1 oz of product.

They differ in packaging; Bobbi Brown’s comes in a black plastic container that snaps shut and has a small mirror inside. Pixi’s comes in a glass pot with a green plastic twist-off top. In terms of portability, Bobbi Brown wins out here. The mirror allows for easy touch-ups on the go. As far as pricing in concerned, Pixi is a relatively expensive “drugstore” brand. While it is sold at Target, a foundation will run you around $30.00,  and a blush around $16.00. At that rate you might be better off spending the extra few dollars and going for a department store product.

In this case, I found Bobbi Brown’s corrector at a CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet, where Estée Lauder products are sold at a discount) for $15.00 and jumped at it. When comparing these two products at the same price point, I have to recommend the Bobbi Brown corrector for its coverage, finish and staying power. Even if I had paid full price for Bobbi Brown, it would have been worth the extra $7.00. Bobbi Brown cosmetics are sold in most department stores and also at


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