Essie’s Lady Like

From the previously released “Brand New Bag” collection hails Essie’s Lady Like, a go-to favorite of mine for a sophisticated neutral nail. The color is gorgeous and unlike anything else I own. Depending on your skin tone, the color will pull more mauve or more nude. I’m as fair as can be and on my skin it leans toward more of a muted deep pink. It’s quite flattering and I’m also a sucker for the name of the polish. My grandmother would be proud. Light colors tend to elongate the nails and make your hands appear dainty and well, lady like. What’s great about this polish is that it’s not so nude that it will make you feel like a corpse, but still light enough that it will give you a soft and feminine effect.

In terms of application the polish goes on like a dream. There are no issues with streaking and it comes out opaque in just one coat. The photo below shoes Lady Like on my nails in two coats, accompanied by both a base and a top coat. My current base of choise is Essie’s “Fill the Gap!” ridge smoothing base coat and I’m loving it so far. It provides a matte canvas on your nails that allows for even application of any color. I have also worn the color with no base or top coat and the results have been just as lovely.

Essie polish rarely disappoints and Lady Like should be a staple in any woman’s collection. It’s perfect for day-to-day wear, for the office, and for a chic night out. Dress it up with a statement cocktail ring or dress it down with a simple silver band. The polish is beautifully versatile yet unique enough to warrant a purchase. Highly recommend!

Lady Like is available wherever Essie is sold, be it your local Ulta or salon of your choice.


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