Good Hydrations

When it comes to moisture, your skin can’t get enough. Winter, spring, summer, doesn’t matter. The key to anti-aging besides the serums and creams and chemicals and potions is simply hydration.

Aging skin is exacerbated by the look of dryness, bringing out every wrinkle that we try so desperately try to hide. By keeping your skin moisturized, which includes drinking tons of water, you will give yourself a dewy complexion that will cause people to wonder just how old you really are. But remember, a lady never reveals her age.

Choosing the perfect moisturizer is like choosing the perfect mate. You have to try a lot of them out, and give them a few months to see if they work the way you want them to. Sometimes they cause irritation, and other times they provide balance and comfort.

I’ve tried a select few moisturizers over the years, being that my skin is ultra fair and coincidentally ultra sensitive. They are always fragrance and oil-free. My favorite night moisturizer is Clinique’s Moisture Surge. This is my go-to cream for dry, flaky skin. After using an exfoliant (I prefer chemical rather than physical, i.e. no granules in my cleanser) I massage this all over my face and neck and wake up in the morning singing like a Disney princess. Well not that cheerful and there are no forest creatures in my room, but my skin feels soft and supple.

As for day time, this award also goes to Clinique. I’ve used their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, affectionately called DDMG, for about a decade. This product also comes in a lotion rather than a gel, but that version is not oil free and when I used it once, long ago, it irritated my skin. So for oily, acne-prone skin I’d say to give the gel a try. It gives the skin enough moisture without overpowering it and making your complexion overly shiny.

Just so I don’t appear to be brand-bias, I have also tried Clean & Clear as well as Cetaphil moisturizers. These just didn’t do the job as well, in my opinion. My skin felt better at first, but within a few hours my skin was back to feeling tight and dry. For this I would turn to MAC’s Fix+ spray, another tried and true beauty favorite. Give yourself a spritz of this stuff and feel instantly refreshed in the summer and winter months. Further review to come. And while the Cetaphil moisturizer is not my favorite, the traditional cleanser is Holy Grail.

I have heard wonderful things about Olay’s Regenerist line for budget-friendly skin care, and also Kate Somerville’s line although that one will cost you. There are countless moisturizers to try, and the good news is that you can get a sample of any and all of them from your local Sephora. The store also has a fantastic return policy, so if you do decide to take the plunge and commit to a full-sized product, you can bring it back no questions asked.

So shop around to find a moisturizer that works for you and stick with it, morning and night. Don’t be afraid to be choosy because there are plenty out there.

If you have particularly dry skin, invest in a moisturizing spray for mid-day touch ups and remember to drink plenty of H2O. More than you think you need.


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