A “Big” Love-Hate Relationship

It seems I am always on the search for the next best thing…mascara, concealer, foundation, blush…and I think it’s the same for many women otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about a multi-million dollar industry. Yes, we women are gullible for products that claim to make us prettier today than we were yesterday. My search continues, this time for the best volumizing hair products.

I am on my second pot of Lush’s Big shampoo, so I must like it, right? Maybe. I tend to have the best hair days when I use this shampoo. It’s quite grainy, as it is full of natural sea salts which absorb oil and allow for the volumizing effect. That being said, I sometimes feel that Big strips my hair of its natural oils, leaving it feeling dry. I’m obviously not a fan of that, so I follow-up with a heavier conditioner. When I blow my hair out I barely have to use any volumizing products, I just flip my head upside down to get the majority of my hair dry, then flip it back and section it off. I finish blowdrying each section with a round brush.

The shampoo itself has a very refreshing citrus scent, and it feels as though you’re getting a nice round of exfoliation for your scalp while you’re giving it a rinse. Any product buildup at your roots? Big will take care of that.

The bottom line here is: like anything else, enjoy Big in moderation. I usually shampoo with it 2-3 times a week for voluminous tresses, but any more than that and my hair is left feeling like straw. Follow it up with conditioner after each use and I have a feeling you’ll be pleased with the results. Say goodbye to limp locks!

Available at Lush stores, select Macy’s and lush.com. Remember to save your empty pots; once you accumulate 5 you can bring them back to your Lush counter and get one free Fresh Face Mask of your choice!


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