Beauty Q&A: Why do I need two primers and two foundations?

You may have read the above question and thought to yourself, “I didn’t know I needed two primers and two foundations…” This may seem excessive or erroneous to minimal makeup wearers, which is a fair assumption. However, the main reason I advise you to have two of each product on hand is this: Sun Protection. We all know it, some of us love it. Being a fair-skinned gal I rarely ever ventured into the sun, and never touched a tanning bed. Yes, even for Prom, Homecoming, my Bat Mitzvah….never.

Even the young women of my generation are (finally) realizing that the fake orange look is just not appealing and certainly not natural. So that takes care of the tanning beds. But what about the actual sun and UV rays? We all need daily protection from that, even on cloudy days. So it behooves you to have a foundation that readily contains SPF for day wear. For night-time and for occasions where you will be taking photos, I would recommend a foundation that contains no SPF, as it will cause a white cast in pictures. Have you ever looked at pictures on Facebook and thought, “What was she thinking?? She looks like she just came out of the grave!” Well cut the girl some slack, in person she probably looked stunning. It was just that no one told her about the SPF rule. So go out there, armed with this new information and get yourself another foundation.

Or, if you’d prefer, you can do this same thing with moisturizer. You can have a moisturizer with SPF for day wear, and one without for night because obviously SPF is unnecessary if the only thing your face will be seeing is your pillow. If you have a moisturizer with SPF, you can wear any foundation over it, SPF or not, because your skin will have a layer of protection.

In case you haven’t become overwhelmed enough, primer is another step in the beauty routine that does indeed make a difference. It not only provides a barrier between your skin and your foundation, but it creates a blank canvas for your foundation to go over that will make its appearance smoother and prolong its staying power. There are a number of primers on the market, both with and without SPF. My favorite two primers at the moment are Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer and Stila’s Hydrating Primer. Laura Mercier’s does not contain SPF, while Stila’s has SPF 20. Both are oil-free.

My favorite foundation of the moment that contains no SPF and is fantastic for photos is the Makeup Forever HD foundation. For all of my lovelies who are getting married, keep this one in mind!

As for a base that contains SPF, my current go-to is a drugstore pick; Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Foundation. Not only is this beautifully blendable and matches my skin tone perfectly, but at around $7 for a 1 oz. bottle, the price can’t be beat. It made an appearance in my February Favorites and will be fully reviewed soon.


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