Oscars 2012-Natalie Portman

Being one of the beautiful faces of Dior, it was no surprise that Natalie Portman stepped onto the Red Carpet last night wearing a vintage Dior Nuit de Feu dress circa 1954. To follow the period of the dress, makeup artist Eileen Kastner-Delago used products to evoke 1950’s glamour. Portman’s look was still modern though, with a glossy pinkish-nude lip and a soft flush to her cheeks.

For foundation, Kastner-Delago applied Diorskin Forever liquid foundation. To shape Natalie’s cheekbones and lightly contour her forehead, Kastner-Delago used Diorskin Nude Natural Scultping Glow Powder in Sable Rose #032. On her cheeks was a combination of Diorblush in Vintage Pink #839 and Passion Fruit #533.

To enhance Natalie’s beautiful eyes, Diorshow mascara inBlack was brushed through her top lashes. The formula is a drier one, so it really volumizes the lashes and frames the eyes. Diorshow mascara in Azure Blue was combed through her bottom lashes making the whites of her eyes more apparent and her brown eyes a focal point.

On Natalie’s lips, Kastner-Delago layered Rouge Dior lipcolor in Rouge Favori #752 and Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss in Pink Trench #257.


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