Trend Spotting: Beauty & Fashion, Fall 2012

While we are all looking forward to spring, New York’s runway just closed Fall 2012’s Fashion Week. Fashion Weeks around the world have become the breeding ground for revolutionary trends, and New York’s most recent has given us fresh material. Nude lips and glossy lids littered some runways, while others showed bold lips and little else on the face. In almost all the collections, it appeared that the days of perfect application are gone. Disheveled hair and smudged out under eyes are big for this fall, along with major texture and layering in clothing.

We can expect retailers to stock up on fur, leather, chunky knits, wide cropped pants and bold prints. While some of these may sound familiar, it is all about styling. For instance, many of you reading this most likely cringed at the visual of wide cropped trousers. They more often than not provide for an unflattering silhouette, but when paired with the correct top, pumps (almost always a must for this look) and accessories, you can walk out of the house with trendy confidence.

Some trends that came out of Fashion Week proved to be a bit more provocative. From the collections of Marc Jacobs and Louis Vitton comes a fetish/dominatrix theme. Sharp lines and a militant feel run through each piece in collections of Viktor & Rolf, Givency and Antonio Berardi.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, and a little more my taste, we have 1940’s elegance springing from Dior, Gucci, Miu Miu and Jonathan Saunders. Delicate fabrics are paired with modern elements to reinvent the fashion of this era, making the pieces wearable and not costumey.

Another more interesting of the trends, but not necessarily unexpected, is androgyny. Design houses from Chanel to Balenciaga to Ralph Lauren showed double-breasted blazers, suits and riding jackets to perhaps reflect the global trend of the blending masculinity and femininity.

Fashion trends sprout from the minds of designers who are a part of the world in which we live. The pieces we see are art that mirror a designers’ point of view on any given subject. While we may not all have the luxury of visiting an Armani storefront in Milan or a Chanel boutique in Paris, we select pieces “off the rack” that have been inspired by those that strut down the runway.

No matter what trend you choose to follow, bring some of your own style into your look. That is what makes the ensemble timeless.


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