Chanel Meets Vegas

A Godly brand among the fashion industry used inspiration from the city of sin to create the new Las Vegas de Chanel limited edition collection. The snazzy items in this collection were exclusively designed for the newly renovated Chanel boutique inside the Bellagio hotel in Vegas.

Included in Las Vegas de Chanel are enticing new shades of lip liner, lipstick, nail polish and highlight. It features Rouge Coco Shine in “Brilliant,” Precision Lip Definer in “Vegas Gold,” Le Vernis nail varnish in “Gold Fingers,” and the most striking creation, a face highlighter palette in “Lucky Stripes.”

“Las Vegas is the absolute destination for glamour, luxury, and entertainment,”said Barbara Cirkva, Chanel Fashion Division President. “We are honored to unveil the redesigned boutique at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. We hope the exciting new space, where each detail is custom-created especially for the glamorous Bellagio, will thrill loyal Chanel clients while giving new visitors the ultimate Chanel experience in Las Vegas.”

If you don’t want to invest in a one-way ticket to Vegas, you can pay it a visit at your vanity each morning! Interested in any of the items? All of them? Along with being available at the Chanel Boutique inside the Bellagio, you can visit Chanel’s website to buy and/or swoon.


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