Beauty News: Estée Lauder & Mad Men

Lovers of AMC’s hit series Mad Men and the glamour it exudes can rejoice! Estée Lauder is set to release two collections based on the television show that are sure to inspire some vintage looks. The first of the limited edition collections is set to debut next month, timed with the drama’s return which is Sunday, March 25th. The second collection will be released for season six in 2013.

The items in the collections are of course inspired by the beauties in the show, along with 1960’s packaging that will no doubt make collectors swoon. While small, the first collection packs a punch in terms of color. A lipstick in Cherry ($25) and creme blusher in Evening Rose ($40) are offered, both claiming to be all-day wear worthy. I’m not sure about the pigmentation or texture as it applies to the skin as I have not yet tried the products first-hand, but stay tuned.

Being one of my favorite shows, I’ve been looking forward to Mad Men’s return along with millions of other fans. Now to hear the news that cosmetic collections will be released in conjunction?? Christmas/Chanukah came early in 2012.

Estée Lauder’s Mad Men Collection will be available for a limited time on, and also in Bloomingdales stores nationwide.


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