Wise Words

Beauty tips I’ve received over the years have been archived in my head for as long as I can remember. The first one I’d like to share with you comes from my grandfather. He always told me that when it comes to cosmetics, “Keep it light.” He liked to say this when I wore a berry lip or a shade like Russian Navy on my nails. While at the time I was in my teens and gave his advice the brush-off, I can now appreciate the sentiment. While I still, no doubt, rock a red lip and Chanel’s Black Velvet on my nails, there is an art to applying these beauty products we love so much. This is the same reason it takes a bit longer for women to get “ready” than it does men. It’s about application, layering, blending, blotting, setting…each step has its place and when taken out…we have a case of beauty dominoes. So let’s do ourselves a favor and have patience when it comes to being beautiful. My grandfather used to yell at my grandmother while she was taking the necessary steps to beauty, “Hannah! Hannah! What are you doing up there?!” When she sashayed down the stairs looking like a bombshell, his complaints ceased. He was wise in many ways, and choosing my grandmother to be his wife and mother of his children was no exception.


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