Making the World a Prettier Place, One Face at a Time

In November of 1991 I was turning 5 years old. On this occasion I knew, with the help of my mom, that I needed to look my best. I watched my mother put on her makeup that evening, just as I did every day, meticulously placing each color and blending with care. Every movement was so elegant, so precise, that I knew there was something to what she was doing here. When she emerged, she had pouty lips, sculpted cheekbones, and fluttery lashes that made her hazel eyes stand out in any room.

I watched her glide around and remember thinking, I hope I look like that one day. Which is what brings us, my darlings, to the world of beauty. Each of us has a different path to it and a different point of view, but I trust that we all have a common goal: to look and feel beautiful. This is not about vanity, although it may be one of my greatest “sins.” It is about people’s innate need to feel desired. Women have been controlling the world of cosmetics since before Cleopatra, who was rumored to have used everything from castor oil to turpentine to keep her skin incomparably soft and supple.

Adoration of and infatuation with beauty is no new concept. What is new for us, thankfully, is a web-based community that allows women from around the world to give each other guidance, advice, encouragement, suggestions…the options and opportunities are endless. I am thrilled to take place in such a community, and would like to offer readers my opinions on all things beauty. While these are modern times, there is no reason to discount the hard work of women before us to incorporate glamour, femininity and poise into the every day. This inspiration may just be your ticket to escape monotony.  So throw on a new shade of lipstick, wing your eyeliner and go.

Not much has changed.


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